I'm an amateur photographer. Outdoor landscapes are my inspirational subjects. Most of my photos are in black&white from nature and urban surroundings. They were taken during my travels in The United States, Canada and Asia.

Canon 300D is my primary cameras for serious projects and in the studio. I carry Panasonic FZ18 for traveling and my old A60 is always in my backpack for easy snapshots. My Fuji F40fd is my little tool for low light or indoor events and my Canon G5 is used for infrared photo. Also, some photos are taken from camera phone or scanned from my prints, negative films and slides.

Digital Cameras: Canon 300D, Canon G5, Panasonic FX18, Fuji F40fd, Canon A60

Lens: Tamron AF70-300MM F/4-5.6 LD 1:2 Macro
and Canon TCDC52 2.4x tele conversion lens for Canon A60

Film Cameras:Zenit-TTL, Holga 120N

Softwares: Rawshooter, Photoshop CS2, Lightroom

Scanners: CanoScan 8400F, CanoScan 4200F, Umax Vista-S6

Browser Used: firefox, Opera

All photos copyright © 2003-2012 by Poramit
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Apr 22, 2002

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