38 the terminal

"The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal (CRRNJ) at Liberty State Park"
The place was a major freight and passenger transportation network between New Jersey and New York City during the 19th centuries. Now only the ferry is still in service and the terminal becomes an indoor space for community events such as concert series, festival and theatre. They didn't have any events last weekend. I could walk around taking some photos. (Canon S70)

Jun 15, 2005


Amanda Marie said...

wow!! your pictures are amazing!! great job! :)

ian said...

Wow! A vast man made cavern - sad im many ways not to see it jam packed with people as it probably wa sin its heyday!

Nice shot.

pilgrim said...

Another great one! I love your "almost deserted" urban pictures.
BTW are you listed in www.photoblogs.org? I couldn't find you there.