58 tents

"Tents near Baltimore Aquarium at Inner Habor, Baltimore" (Canon G5, 2004)

Jul 8, 2005


Ronalyn said...

Ah a familiar place.. I've lived in Maryland for 7 years. And I loved the city life. We lived in between DC and Baltimore.. so it was never dull!

Beautiful capture! I love the contrast in colors on those very big tents! As always your photos are so crisp and clear.. always making me wonder how things around me would look in black and white! It's like our minds have automatic modes where we can see in color and B/W and you have quite an amazing vision for B/W photography! Lookin forward to tomorrow!

ian said...

I love this kind of multicurving surface - looks like some kind of graphic from a popular pseudo scientific tv show - to demonstrate space-time or something.

David Kapp said...

The lines and curves here are awesome. I've never seen these in person, but they look huge. What are they used for?