151 waterfront

"Newport Waterfront" Jersey City, NJ (Canon S70, 2005)
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Dec 1, 2005


Legabal said...

I am an appointment to NY likes the perspective and the panoramic one of New York within a picture where people within gigantic buildings watch the world :)

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Keith said...

Great framing, works really well.

JAMIE said...

This composition / framing is superb! Very original and unique and it kicks butt. Really love this.

Sidney said...

Strong composition! Cool design! Excellent!

Ronalyn said...

Great angle on BOTH! I love the shadows on this one though! But I like the city scape on the other as well.. but both amazing!

jane said...

Great composition!

Paul said...

Great composition and incredible dynamic range!

BrossanovA said...

Superb. I love the city framed into the handrail holes. Brilliant idea.

Phil said...

Incredible - something I would love to see framed actually.